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The Mid-West 1/10th Off Road Region runs its meetings to BRCA rules

Please consult your BRCA handbook carefully before and during the new season. We have picked out some specific rules which you must be aware of as some are a regional variation of the main sectional rules:


15.7 At all Sanctioned events it is the driver’s responsibility to securely fit the lap recording equipment to their car before the start of any race. At National events (including events using the Section timing equipment), competitors are required to supply their own Personal Transponder and are responsible for informing the organiser of the ‘unique number’ of this item. The competitor is responsible for ensuring that such equipment functions with adequate signal strength.

Transponder malfunction procedure:-

1. If the Personal Transponder malfunctions and a lap(s) is not recorded, competitors may have their number of laps adjusted manually providing that :- The transponder starts the race clock for the Heat (In Finals, this is computer generated) and records a finishing time for the Heat/Final and an official(s) is satisfied that the car was circulating during any missed laps. Whilst this adjustment may be implemented more than once in an event, officials have the authority to refuse the procedure if a Transponder is continually missing laps in Heats/Finals. The competitor will be advised accordingly.

2. If the Personal Transponder starts the race clock, but does not record a finishing time, then officials may award a calculated finishing time and appropriate number of laps based on any recorded information available. The procedure of calculating the finishing time will only be adopted once for each competitor in any individual event.

3. If the Personal Transponder does not start the race clock, then no laps or time will be awarded.


18.2 Points will be awarded based on qualifying and finishing positions.
The top qualifer will receive 130 points, second 129 points and so on down to 130th place and beyond who will receive 1 point.
The winner of the A Final will receive 130 points, second 129 points and so on down to 130th place and beyond who will receive 1 point.


23.15 It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure that their car complies with all Technical Rules at all times during any Qualifying Heat or Final.

If a rostrum referee or other official present feels that your car does not comply with technical rules, they may penalise you, and the argument “the scrutineers let me pass” is no longer valid. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have the correct amount of numbers on your vehicle, gear cover fitted etc. etc.


23.11 At Regional events upto three types of control tyre will be adopted for the driven axle on 2WD cars and the rear axle of 4WD cars. The choice of tyres for the non-driven axle on 2WD cars and the front axle on 4WD cars will be free, subject to conforming to rule 23.7.

The Regional Rep will approve the choice of control tyres. The make and type of the control tyres to be used at Regional events will be specified on this website, the event entry form and also in the confirmation document. There will be no restriction on the number or compound of tyres used.

Please refer to the tyres page to see which clubs have nominated which tyres.


25.6 LiPo/LiFe drive batteries must be charged in a ‘Lipo sack’ at all times. LiPo sack is defined as a receptacle designed for the purpose of charging LiPo/LiFe batteries and of a suitable construction as to contain a LiPo/LiFe fire.

A LiPo sack must be capable of quenching a fire, a carrier bag is not suitable! You must be able to enclose the sack around the batteries so as to contain any fire should the worst happen. LiPo sacks are available from model shops and online.
Failure to use a LiPo sack may result in punishment ranging from loss of best round score to dismissal from the site, at the discretion of the race stewards.



When attending Mid-West regional events, you must bring your current years BRCA membership card with you... YOU MAY WELL BE ASKED TO SHOW THIS WHEN BOOKING IN ON THE DAY. We have to ensure all competitors are BRCA members due to insurance reasons but also to ensure you are able to score points in our regional series.