Mid-West Regional 2WD round 3:  Oswestry Model Car Club

Laura Yardy

2nd June 2019


It was a grey drizzly start to the third round of the 2WD series hosted by Oswestry Model Car Club.



There were 8 heats with 80 drivers competing.




After four rounds of qualifying the top 10 was as follows:


Overall Top 10



Tom Yardy



Jamie Hall



Ben Pugh



Kevin Lee



Phil Sleigh



Ritchie Thorn



Mathew Dodd



Tony Bishop



Kevin Hunt



Tommy Hall



A final Leg one

The weather had made tyre choices tricky throughout qualifying and leg one was no exception. The final started dry, allowing Tom Yardy to gain a healthy lead from the rest of the pack. At 3 minutes in it started to rain which dramatically impacted the grip levels, with everyone opting for dry tyres.

The pace slowed down but Tom managed to maintain his lead and take the leg win. Ritchie Thorn was second with Kevin Lee in third.



Mathew Dodd was fourth followed by Phil Sleigh, Tony Bishop, Ben Pugh, Tommy Hall, Jamie Hall, Kevin Hunt.

A final Leg two

With the wind and sun the track dried out pretty quickly for leg two but with some drivers opting for wet tyres, due to the unpredictable weather, they were at a disadvantage.


Jamie Hall made the right tyre decision and with a consistent drive won the leg. Kevin Lee finished second with Phil Sleigh in third.

Tommy Hall was fourth followed by Ritchie Thorn, Kevin Hunt, Mathew Dodd, Tony Bishop, Tom Yardy and Ben Pugh.

A final Leg Three

With the meeting win up for grabs it was all to play for in leg three. Tom Yardy made a mistake coming into the double jump taking half the field with him.

Kevin Lee was the leg three winner and took the overall meeting win on 3 points. Tommy Hall finished second in the leg from 10th on the grid, also taking overall second place.


Ben Pugh finished third followed by Ritchie Thorn, Kevin Hunt, Tom Yardy, Jamie Hall, Mathew Dodd, Phil Sleigh and Tony Bishop.


The overall results were as follows:

1.      Kevin Lee

2.      Tommy Hall

3.      Ritchie Thorn

4.      Tom Yardy

5.      Jamie Hall

6.      Phil Sleigh

7.      Ben Pugh

8.      Mathew Dodd

9.      Kevin Hunt

10.  Tony Bishop


Lucy, Andy Mountford’s mascot.


Final winners


B Final: Chris Muirhead

C Final: Phil Channon

D Final: Paul Brightwell

E Final: Robin Lucas

F Final: Ollie Dillon

G Final: Adrian Malkin



H Final: David Williams



A big thank you to the members of Oswestry Model Car Club and to Carnival Pizza for supplying food and drinks.