Mid West Regional 2WD round 1: Oswestry Model Car Club

Laura Yardy

9th April 2017


We were treated to another sunny day for the first 2WD regional of the season at Oswestry Model Car Club.



The track layout was tight, providing challenging conditions for the drivers. The same rule was applied to marshal handover as at Kidderminster, with marshals required to stay on their positions until 30 seconds is called.



The day started cool, with the promise of sunshine later in the morning. The weather didnít seem to affect the track conditions. The AstroTurf didnít provide much grip, so various tyre options were chosen, from Schumacher Darts, Mini Spikes and Ballistic Buggy Spikes.

Individual round scores were as follows.


After four rounds of qualifying the top 10 was as follows:




A final Leg one

Tom Yardy took the Leg one win, with a 13 second lead over Kevin Hunt in second. Ben Pugh was third, followed by Chris Bowater, Ritchie Thorn, Andrew Jones, Mathew Dodd, Felix De Hamel, Paul Robinson and Tony Bishop.

Paul Robinson was awarded a 10 second penalty after hitting the wall at the end of the straight when finished.

The aftermath of hitting the wall at the end of the straight.


A final Leg two

Tom Yardy took the Leg two win, also taking the overall meeting win. Ritchie Thorn was second followed by Ben Pugh, Paul Robinson, Felix De Hamel, Mathew Dodd, Tony Bishop, Andrew Jones, Kevin Hunt and Chris Bowater.

A final Leg Three

Tom Yardy won leg three, with Kevin Hunt finishing in second. Andrew Jones was third, followed by Tony Bishop, Chris Bowater, Mathew Dodd, Ben Pugh, Ritchie Thorn, Paul Robinson and Felix De Hamel.

The A finals were eventful, with the order changing multiple times throughout each leg.


The overall results were as follows:

1st Tom Yardy

2nd Kevin Hunt

3rd Ben Pugh

4thRitchie Thorn

5th Andrew Jones

6th Chris Bowater

7th Tony Bishop

8th Mathew Dodd

9th Paul Robinson

10th Felix De Hamel


Abe Lyons, who finished second in the H Final with his PR



Final winners


B Final: Phil Channon

C Final: Mark Brocklebank

D Final: Simon Owens

E Final: Brian Preddy

F Final: Dave Searle

G Final: Tim Taylor

H Final: Zachary Miles

I Final: Kyron Jarman

J Final: Nathan Mills




A big thank you to the members of Oswestry Model Car Club, to Stuart Whyman for running the meeting, and to Carnival Pizza for feeding everyone.