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Entry Fees, Procedure and Rules


Please Read Carefully.

Entries for 2020 Mid-West Regionals must be received by mid-day on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Entries received after this deadline mean you have failed to enter on time & you are automatically classed as a late entry.

Drivers who have entered late may be placed in Heat 1 and will be charged £15.00 instead of the usual £10.00. You will still be allowed practice.

By entering meetings via this website you agree that:

(1) You will pay the relevant race fees (£10.00 on race day, or £15.00 for late entry) to the host club on race day.

(2) If you fail to cancel your entry before the event or fail to turn up on race day then your entries will be removed from the rest of the series. This means that you will then have to reenter and will be placed on the reserve list if applicable.

Note that this penalty applies to all age groups.

Race Fees

The following race fees apply for the 2020 Season:

| Veteran:£10.00 | Senior: £10.00 | Under 16: Free | Under 13: Free |

Booking In

To enter, select the type of meeting you wish to enter and fill in the form with all relevant details, please do this carefully. You may enter multiple meetings on one form.



Note that personal transponders are compulsory for the 2020 season. You are required to provide your PT number when you complete the form. Do NOT write '1234567', 'TBA', or anything other than your valid PT number. If you do not have a personal transponder and wish to race at a regional meeting please talk to your club representitive or contact Tony Bishop for help.

Cancellation of Entry

Remember that if you need to cancel your entry for any reason you must inform the organisors as soon as possible by following the link below, before Noon the day before the meeting. If you have to cancel on the day of the race then you must make either Tony or the host club aware.

To cancel your entry then please click HERE



Timetable etc will be confirmed via email prior to the meeting.However practice normally commences from 08:00 but it can be earlier or later depending on Organisors discretion.You will get five minutes of timed practice (in heat order).

Drivers Briefing: Must be attended by all drivers to comply with insurance regulations.

Qualifying will start as soon as possible, once practice and Drivers Briefing have been completed. You will get four rounds of qualifying (unless circumstances prevent this e.g. bad weather). Finals follow qualifying. All drivers get to compete in a final except the 'A' finalists where the final is held over three legs.